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Weatehr Maps (Click Images to enlarge):
Current Midwest Surface (Static): Current Northeast Infrared (Static):
Current Northeast Temperatures (Static): Current Severe Weather:
Current National Radar (Animated): Current Midwest Radar (Animated):
Current Michigan Radar (Animated): Current Michigan Satellite (Animated):
Current Michigan Mixed Sat. / Radar (Animated): Current Local Alpena Radar (Animated):
Current Local Grand Rapids Radar (Animated): Current Local Detroit Radar (Animated):
Current Mid-Michigan Tri-Cities Radar (Animated): Current Northeast Lighting Strikes (Animated):

Michigan Winds:
Current Northern Michigan Wind (Static): Current Southern Michigan Wind (Static):
Current Northern Michigan Wind (Click for Details): Current Southern Michigan Wind (Click for Details):

Current Marine Conditions:
Great Lakes Marine Conditions (Click for Details): Global Marine Conditions (Click for Details):

Current Conditions and Forecast
Current Midwest Travel Conditions (Static): Tomorrow's Northeast Travel Conditions (Static):
Current National Conditions (Static): Tomorrow's National Conditions (Static):
Day After Tomorrow's National Conditions (Static):

Wave Heights (Click for Details):


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